Rhubarb liqueur


Our Rhubarb Liqueur is reminiscent of a slice of grandma's famous rhubarb pie - but with more booze. It's a little tart, a little sweet and the perfect addition to a fruity cocktail or to top off your favorite white wine or champagne. 

Alc. 20%


Rhubarb Mule
  • 1 oz 1205 Rhubarb Liqueur

  • 1 oz 1205 Artisan Vodka

  • Lime wedge

  • Ginger Beer

Combine Rhubarb Liqueur and Artisan vodka in a copper mug or glass with ice. Squeeze in lime and top with ginger beer.

Rhubarb Mimosa
  •  2 oz 1205 Rhubarb Liqueur

  • 3 oz sparkling white wine or champagne

Pour champagne or sparkling white wine in a champagne flute or wine glass. Top with Rhubarb Liqueur