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1205 distillery

Indiana Grown - Indiana Made - Indiana Owned

Named for the date Prohibition was repealed, 1205 Distillery celebrates the right to enjoy excellent spirits. A small batch distillery and cocktail bar in Indianapolis and a second location in Westfield, we are committed to using fresh, locally sourced ingredients to produce spirits that meet our uncommonly high standards. Our handcrafted products evoke both tradition and innovation, offering a unique drinking experience. Take a load off, sip and savor.


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You won’t find any artificial flavors or colors in 1205 Distillery’s flagship Rhubarb Liqueur. We use only ingredients that would be found in Grandma’s rhubarb pie - with the addition of locally made, 100% Indiana corn spirit. 1205 Distillery Rhubarb Liqueur can be enjoyed on its own, in a cocktail, or as a wonderful addition to a mimosa.


1205 Tasting Rooms and Cocktail Lounges

1205 Distillery currently has 2 tasting rooms and cocktail lounges. Our Fletcher Place tasting room in Indianapolis is our original location where we distill our spirits on site. Our Westfield tasting room is our newest tasting room. Both tastings rooms offer flights and delicious hand-made, craft cocktails using our 1205 spirits. Learn more about each location by clicking below

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